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You won’t regret watching this I swear

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One Direction Midnight Memories Album Liners (credits: Calvin Aurand)

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“Doesn’t he look like baby Tarzan?”

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ELIE SAAB Paris Fashion Week 2014 - Part 1

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Stargazer Louis- The Epilogue



Louis has been deaf ever since a he was a little kid. Some of his only comforts now are the colors and fragrances of flowers. Harry could care less about flowers and prefers the beautiful melodies of his music. How could two people so different find love and maybe something else they didn’t know they were missing in each other?

EPILOGUE. which means this whole thing is done and im kinda sad???? idk i had so much fun writing this so it’s pretty bittersweet. i hope this didn’t get too cheesy, it just kinda ties up some loose ends, summarizes what happens after 1D wins and all that. just mentions of Ziam…

-1,796 words, suuuuuuper short.


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